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Category Archives: Product Liability

Family Of Zipline Accident Victim Agrees to Settlement

Most of the stories you read in this blog are about accidents – motor vehicle collisions, slip and fall injuries, swimming pool drownings, and other mishaps which result in someone getting hurt or killed. These incidents represent the beginning of what is frequently a long and arduous process of determining who is responsible for the …

UPDATE: 9-Figure Damage Awards in Drug Vial Product Liability Case

Earlier this month, we told you about a major product liability trial taking place in Clark County pitting an elderly man against three global pharmaceutical conglomerates. The suit arose from the 2008 outbreak of hepatitis C which swept through the valley. The outbreak was eventually traced back to contaminated syringes which were used to administer …

ATV Accident Kills Las Vegas Man; Family Sues Manufacturer

Riding off-road on an all-terrain vehicle can be fun if you keep safety in mind. So smart ATV riders wear a helmet and padding, take an instructional course on how to drive the vehicle, and remain mindful of other riders in the area. What these riders don’t expect is for the ATV to operate improperly. …

Beware of Toys with Choking Hazards

The Consumer Product Safety Commission announced the recall this week of three different toys that were made by Fun Stuff Inc. The Chinese-manufactured toys are called Klick Klick Balls, BoBo Balls, and Click Armband Bracelets. Collectively, about 36,700 units were sold from January 2009 through last month for between $2 and $5 at beach resort retailers across the country.

Swing Sets Recalled Due to Injury Hazards

The Consumer Product Safety Commission has recalled hundreds of swing sets because parts of them can crack and break, which can cause injuries to children who are playing on them. The swing sets were manufactured as far back as 1998 by the companies known as Kompan and BigToys, both of which are located in Washington state.