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We do everything we can to protect our children from harm. We take extra precautions whenever they leave the house to make sure that they return safe and sound. Unfortunately, sometimes there are dangers lurking right in our own backyard…like a swing set.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission has recalled hundreds of swing sets because parts of them can crack and break, which can cause injuries to children who are playing on them. The swing sets were manufactured as far back as 1998 by the companies known as Kompan and BigToys, both of which are located in Washington state.

There have been almost 20 reports of a certain part of the swing set having to be replaced because it has cracked or broken entirely. The defective part is the end bracket which connects the support “legs” of the swing set to the horizontal top rail from which the swings hang. There have also been three reports of injuries related to these faulty end brackets.

Many different models of these swing sets are affected by the recall, but all of them have swings between eight and ten feet in length. These swing sets have from one to five “bays” and were sold for anywhere between $700 and $3250 per unit.

Injuries to children can occur on swing sets even when the sets are structurally sound. But such injuries are even more tragic if they stem from a defective product. If you feel that your child has been harmed by one of these defective swing sets or any other type of faulty playground equipment, be sure to contact a product liability lawyer who can look into filing a personal injury lawsuit on your behalf.