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Toymakers are held to stringent standards in an effort to prevent defenseless infants or toddlers in the Las Vegas area and around the country from being injured or even killed by choking on substandard toys. Unfortunately, there are still a few toys which get released into stores that are unsafe.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission announced the recall this week of three different toys that were made by Fun Stuff Inc. The Chinese-manufactured toys are called Klick Klick Balls, BoBo Balls, and Click Armband Bracelets. Collectively, about 36,700 units were sold from January 2009 through last month for between $2 and $5 at beach resort retailers across the country.

All of these toys have tiny arms which have small colorful balls at their ends. These balls can detach and cause a choking hazard to small children. There has already been a report of one of these balls coming off in the mouth of a 21-month old child in North Carolina.

The recalled toys are constructed of stretchy rubber material; and the dangerous purple, blue, pink, green, and orange balls are made of hard plastic. Flashing lighted balls are encased in the material of the BoBo Balls.

The CPSC is recommending that all of these recalled toys be taken away from children immediately and either returned to the store where they were purchased or disposed of. In the latter case, customers can contact Fun Stuff for a full refund.

If a substandard toy caused your child to begin choking, you may consider contacting a product liability lawyer to file a lawsuit against the company responsible for manufacturing and/or distributing it.