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Monthly Archives: December 2018

What To Do After A Las Vegas Fender-Bender

Many people think that there is no reason to contact a personal injury attorney after a seemingly-minor fender bender crash. After all, they “feel fine.” In fact, many people feel better after a crash. That feeling of euphoria is usually adrenaline. This hormone masks the pain that people feel from their injuries. More importantly, many...

East Valley Crash Kills Pedestrian

Multiple vehicles struck a man crossing the road outside a marked crosswalk, killing him almost instantly. The wreck occurred near the intersection of Burnham Avenue and Flamingo Road. According to police and witnesses, a man tried to cross Flamingo Road outside the crosswalk. A 2014 Honda knocked him to the ground and another car ran...

Some Issues In Las Vegas Failure To Yield Collision Claims

Every year, there are about 800,000 failure to yield collisions in the United States. That includes both intersection collisions and unsafe lane change collisions. Sometimes, these incidents are low-speed “fender benders” that only cause property damages. But in many other cases, especially in higher-speed wrecks, serious injuries can result. These crash victims are usually entitled...

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