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Monthly Archives: November 2014

Travel Safety Tips While in Vegas

Now that the holiday season has arrived, many of us are doing a lot more traveling. With the possibility of car accidents (possibly involving drunk drivers) and slip and falls, safety is a serious concern this time of year. Because we are headquartered in Las Vegas, we thought it may be helpful to provide some...

10 Most Insane Black Friday Injuries

The holidays are upon us. Soon, people all over America will be settling in with family and friends to enjoy a delicious meal and give thanks for health and happiness. Of course, while this is happening, retailers will be tempting consumers with extraordinary sales, inciting swarms of shoppers to gather outside their doors. And, if...

Don’t Turn Your Motorcycle into a Magic Act

We have all heard of it. Maybe you have performed the trick yourself. It’s called the Amazing Disappearing Motorcycle Illusion. As magic tricks go, it is more dangerous than most. In fact more people have died or been seriously injured while performing this illusion than any other magic trick—ever. The reason this act takes so...

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