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Millions of tourists visit Las Vegas hotels, casinos, and resorts every year. Many of them like to spend some time in the pools and hot tubs that are located on these properties. Because these areas are frequented by so many people, the property owners have to work hard to make sure that all pools and hot tubs are sanitary and won’t harm the health of their guests. Unfortunately, some tourists had to be hospitalized earlier this month after what they had hoped to be a relaxing soak in a hot tub.

The incident took place at the Hooters Casino Hotel on Tropicana Avenue near the MGM Grand. According to the Clark County Fire Department, three people were in the hotel’s hot tub around 6am on October 8. When they got out, one man noticed that his legs and feet were burning and itching. But his friends were experiencing even more severe symptoms. One man reportedly had second degree burns over 91% of his body, and his skin was so badly damaged that it was bubbling in places. A woman was unable to walk because of the severe burns on her legs.

All three of the victims had to be rushed to a nearby hospital by paramedics. The fire department called the Southern Nevada Health District, which shut down the hot tub pending an investigation. The suspected cause of the burns is a malfunctioning chlorine system that services the hot tub. Instead of injecting a small amount of chlorine into the hot tub at 15-minute intervals, it may have released all of the chlorine into the water at once. 

It appears that all three victims have strong grounds for personal injury lawsuits against the Hooters Casino Hotel.