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Motorcycle License/Driving

What if I Don’t Own a Motorcycle?

Generally, you will need your own motorcycle to participate in the riding exercises. These courses want you familiar with your bike to start.

If your friend has a bike, then you might be able to use it. For example, the Nevada Rider program allows participants to use a friend’s motorcycle so long as it is properly insured and registered. You will also need written permission from the owner.

Should I Take Motorcycle Safety Course if I Never Ride a Bike?

Maybe not. However, taking a basic motorcycle safety course can certainly increase your familiarity with motorcycles. You will gain a better understanding of how they function on the road and, hopefully, pay closer attention to them when you are out driving. Many motorcycle accidents are caused because motorists either are not looking for motorcycles or underestimate their performance capability. By taking a motorcycle safety class, you will certainly firm up your appreciation of motorcyclists and their bikes.

Should I Take Motorcycle Safety More than Once?

Yes! Experts realize that driving skills certainly degrade over time, especially if you never practice them. People who go for long stretches without riding their motorcycle would probably benefit from refresher course, either at the beginner or more advanced levels.

Additional Advanced Driving Lessons