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18-Wheeler Driving

Before someone can get a commercial license, they must take a driving course. Admittedly, most people reading this article do not have plans of driving a big rig across America as a new job. Nevertheless, you could benefit from understanding how drivers operate these behemoths and how they do not handle like passenger cars. For example, big trucks need more room to maneuver on roads and take wider turns than passenger vehicles. Armed with this knowledge, you can more safely operate your own vehicle when around big rigs.

Large commercial trucks also take more time to stop. This is a very important consideration for those of us in passenger cars, who should never scoot in front of a big rig and then slam on the brakes. Only tragedy can result. Because the truck driver cannot stop the big rig on a dime, it is very likely that the truck will ride over part (or all) of a car that stops quickly in front of it. Many deaths occur because of this lack of understanding of how trucks operate.

Commercial Driver’s License Permit

The advanced driving lessons are offered by many CDL schools, which stands for commercial driver’s license. CDL schools train their students to pass the exam necessary for getting a CDL permit. This exam should have the following parts:

  • General knowledge test
  • Combination vehicle test
  • Air brakes test

Students can also take tests for double and triple trailers, as well as hazardous materials. These endorsements will allow a student with a permit to operate more equipment.

After obtaining your permit, you can attend truck driving school where you can learn more about how to operate a big rig. A permit is typically good for six months.

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Additional Advanced Driving Lessons