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Advanced Driving Lessons

Many people want to become better drivers but unfortunately do not know where to turn for lessons. The basic driver’s education course they took as a teenager hardly has prepared them for the realities of the road—and those lessons were probably taken several decades ago.

With the cost of accidents increasing every year, and with the number of uninsured drivers at an uncomfortably high level, there is no better time than now to brush up your driving skills—and learn important new ones.

At Naqvi Injury Law, we encourage driver safety and have written this guide to introduce you to the different advanced driving courses available. Not everyone will need (or want) to take every driving course mentioned here, but among the offerings are:

Before you choose a course, we offer some general considerations that you should keep in mind.


Before signing up for an advanced driving course, you will want to check your budget. Advanced driving lessons vary in cost, but we have seen some defensive driving courses priced around $300-400 per course. Generally, the course lasts for only one day. By contrast, a performance driving course could cost you several thousand dollars.

These prices might be too expensive for many people, so you should pick and choose which course you want to take. If money is tight, you might choose to register for a defensive driving course, which can provide basic driving skills that will help you. Later, if you get more money, you can take a different advanced course if you are so inclined.

Also check with the vendor’s refund policy. We make no guarantees that any advanced driving course will be worth the money charged. You might find a course too easy or too difficult and decide to end it early. If so, you should check whether you can get some or all of your money refunded.

Experience on the Road

Most advanced driving courses have a classroom component where you will listen to an instructor lecture. Although this is helpful, nothing is more important in an advanced driving course than actually getting out on the road and putting what you learned in the classroom to the test. When searching for courses, check that there is an on-the-road component. In some advanced courses, a special obstacle course will be set up for students that allows them to practice the specific skills that they have learned.

The more hours on the road, the better, so always check how much driving time you will get with an instructor. Also check to see if the course offers one-on-one instruction or if everything happens in a group.


Check with each course vendor about any safety issues. Have they had accidents? One of the purposes of advanced driving courses is to simulate dangerous conditions, such as slick roads or sharp turns. Check whether anyone has ended up in the hospital while completing one of these courses.

Take Driving Lessons with a Friend

If you are truly interested in taking an advanced driving course, ask a friend if he or she wants to take the course with you. Having company should make the experience even more enjoyable.