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Move to a Safe Area (If You Can)

There is often some confusion about when it comes to moving to a safe area when you are avoiding or even involved in an accident. Many people believe that you should leave your car in the same spot until police arrive while others advocate getting off the road completely. While you should never drive away from an accident scene until you have given contact information to the other party, you legally can—and should—move your car to the side of the road after a crash if possible. Read on to find out why you should move your car and what to consider before doing so. If you are considering taking legal action, consider hiring us at Naqvi Law as your Las Vegas car accident lawyers to assess your case.

Safety First

After an accident, it’s a good idea to move your car to a safe area, but only if you can safely. Obviously, this can be an issue if your car is rendered inoperable or if you are seriously injured. If you are not injured and your car still runs, it’s a good idea to get it out of the roadway quickly. Whether your crash occurs on the freeway, in an intersection, on a country road, or any other type of road, you can’t simply leave your car there. Leaving it on the road is a hazard to not only your car but other cars on the road as well. Oncoming traffic could hit your car. Cars behind your car may come upon the disabled vehicle quickly and slam into it. A crash can catch drivers by surprise since they are not expecting to see disabled vehicles on the roadway.

Leaving your car in the middle of the road after an accident can lead to more accidents. It can cause unnecessary damages and injuries. Motorists have a duty to keep themselves and others safe on the roadways. Therefore, as a matter of respect to other drivers, they should take the necessary steps to keep their cars off the roadway if they can do so safely.

If the Car Cannot Be Moved

Remember that the tip is to move your vehicle, but only if it can be done so safely. Sometimes there are situations in which a car cannot be moved safely. Therefore, you should look around the car first before moving it to assess the damage. If you see gasoline or smoke, the car is likely not safe to drive. Be wary of unusual smells and noises as well. These could be signs of electrical issues. Note loose or broken parts as well. These could cause a mess on the roadway and cause damage to other cars.

If you can’t move your car for any reason, put out cones, flares, and other devices to warn other vehicles. If you do not have any of these devices, keep yourself and any passengers inside the vehicle. Put your seatbelt on and put on the hazard lights.

Las Vegas Car Accident Attorneys

This step—moving your car to a safe area—will help keep you safe in an accident. After all, you don’t want to get hit after the accident has occurred. If you been the victim of a car accident, contact the lawyers at Naqvi Injury Law to learn more about your options.

Eight Steps You Should Consider When In A Car Accident

  1. Move to a safe area (if you can).
  2. Stop your vehicle and get out.
  3. Check on others involved.
  4. Call the police to the scene.
  5. Contact your attorney
  6. Gather info.
  7. Document the scene
  8. File your insurance claim.