The Legality and Liability of Laying the Bike Down

February 12th, 2013 by Farhan Naqvi in Motorcycle Accidents

As a motorcyclist, when you’re telling a story about that time you had to lay the bike down to avoid a collision, what are some of the most frequent responses you get from your audience? "Wow, dude!" "You did what? That’s sick!" "You’re a lucky guy/girl to walk away from that." But what’s the most […]

Beware of Toys with Choking Hazards

September 15th, 2010 by Farhan Naqvi in Product Liability

The Consumer Product Safety Commission announced the recall this week of three different toys that were made by Fun Stuff Inc. The Chinese-manufactured toys are called Klick Klick Balls, BoBo Balls, and Click Armband Bracelets. Collectively, about 36,700 units were sold from January 2009 through last month for between $2 and $5 at beach resort retailers across the country.

If a Child Hurts Someone, Is the Parent Liable?

July 18th, 2010 by Farhan Naqvi in Personal Injury

There is a legal term known as vicarious liability, which basically means that because of your parent-child relationship, blame for your child’s actions can be passed on to you. Here are some examples of when vicarious ability applies to parents.

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