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You guessed it! After successfully completing parts one, deux, and tres of the Motorcycle Safety Quiz, you are finally ready for the last section – and then you can be spared any more lame jokes brag to your friends about how smart and safe you are. These five questions are taken straight from a motorcycle driving written exam. Good luck!

1. Seventy percent of all motorcycle accidents occur at:

  1. intersections
  2. high noon on a Tuesday
  3. the DMV when newbies are taking their driving tests
  4. Lucky’s Biker Bar

2. Passengers on motorcycles should:

  1. sit as far forward as possible without crowding the driver
  2. ride with their feet scraping the ground
  3. change the radio whenever they want
  4. shut the heck up, because you know where you’re going and don’t need to stop and ask for #$%&#* directions!

3. Eye protection:

  1. should give a clear view to either side
  2. should either be lime green, bright orange, or hot pink in color
  3. is not needed if you’re driving with your eyes closed
  4. is for sissies

4. You should operate the engine cut-off switch and pull in the clutch when:

  1. the throttle is stuck and you can’t free it
  2. you are sending a text while simultaneously trying to light a cigarette
  3. you are popping a wheelie on the Strip
  4. you are driving off a cliff

5. A primary cause of single-vehicle motorcycle accidents is when motorcyclists:

  1. run wide in a curve or turn and collide with the roadway or a fixed object
  2. ride up the side of a building and collide with a protruding balcony
  3. drive through a grocery aisle and collide with a shopping cart in the frozen foods section
  4. make fun of Big Spike’s girlfriend at Lucky’s Biker Bar