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Did you take and pass the first part of this motorcycle safety quiz? If you weren’t able to solve the enigmatic problems that were presented, then you are not qualified to even try to take the second half of this quiz.*

These four questions pertain to the proper equipment that should be present on a motorcycle. After all, the right equipment can sometimes be the difference between avoiding a motorcycle accident and wasting half your day waiting for a tow truck and/or getting treated in an ER.

Here we go…

1. Every motorcycle shall be equipped with two mirrors, with one mirror mounted on each…

  1. handlebar
  2. wheel
  3. driver’s arm
  4. shoe

2. A person shall not drive a motorcycle unless the wheels are protected by…

  1. fenders
  2. curb feelers
  3. gargoyles
  4. a really scary witch or zombie

3. How many head lamps should every motorcycle be equipped with?

  1. at least one and not more than two
  2. at least eight and not more than ten
  3. as many as you want, as long as each one is covered by a jaunty lampshade
  4. as many as you want, as long as they change colors when your radio station changes

4. Every motorcycle shall be equipped with at least…

  1. one tail lamp, one rear reflector, and two turn signals.
  2. two tail lamps, two rear reflectors, and five turn signals.
  3. one tail, one front reflector, and one lamp on the rider’s rear.
  4. a bunch of old Christmas lights.

*- you can answer these questions if you want. We’re not actually checking.