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Now that spring has arrived, people in the valley may start jumping onto their motorcycles and hitting the open road. The beautiful weather and the increasing amount of daylight are both prime conditions for motorcycle riding in and around Las Vegas.

In order to promote safety and reduce the chances of motorcycle accidents, we’ve come up with a little motorcycle safety quiz. Here are the first four questions; the next four will be revealed next week (so you have more time to study).

Good luck!

A motorcycle passenger is allowed to ride:

  1. behind the driver on a permanent or regular seat that is designed for two persons;
  2. astride a different seat that is firmly attached behind the driver
  3. in an attached sidecar
  4. on the handlebars
  5. hanging from the frame
  6. all of the above except D. and E.

What is the maximum height of a motorcycle’s handlebars?

  1. The uppermost portion of the driver’s shoulders when the driver sits on the seat
  2. As long as the driver can touch the handlebars with one pinky finger, they’re okay
  3. Six feet, 10 and 2/3 inches
  4. As tall as the shortest member of the gang or riding group

A motorcycle’s seat must be positioned so that the driver, when sitting astride it while the bike is stopped,

  1. can touch the ground with both feet simultaneously
  2. can touch the ground with one foot and one hand simultaneously
  3. can cross his or her legs yoga-style
  4. is facing backwards

What is the minimum number of hands must the driver of a motorcycle have on a handlebar at all times?

  1. One
  2. Three
  3. One for the driver, and one for the passenger
  4. Oh, so THAT’S what the handlebars are for!

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