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Towing Companies in Las Vegas

If your vehicle is being towed, you are probably not having a good day. Whether your car broke down due to a serious mechanical problem, it was removed after being (allegedly) improperly parked, or you were involved in a car accident while driving in Las Vegas, you will certainly not be looking forward to the hassle and cost of dealing with the towing company.

Our legal team understands that dealing with towing companies can be overwhelming and frustrating. We want to make sure that you can at least find out where your vehicle has been towed to. From there, you will be able to take action and assess your available options.

A Comprehensive List of Towing Companies in the Las Vegas Region

To help you find access to a towing company, or find access to your vehicle if it has already been towed, our team has put together a comprehensive list of the towing companies that are located in Las Vegas and that serve Clark County. This list also includes companies based in North Las Vegas and Summerlin.

  1. 777 Towing
  2. AA Action Towing
  3. ABC Towing
  4. AmPm Auto Transport
  5. Anthony’s Towing
  6. Around the Clock Towing Service
  7. Big Valley Towing
  8. Century Towing
  9. Code Blue Towing
  10. Commerce Auto Towing
  11. Custom Towing
  12. Dependable Recovery
  13. Economy Towing Las Vegas
  14. Ewing Brothers Towing
  15. Fast Towing
  16. Isabella’s Towing Service
  17. Larry’s Towing Service
  18. LV Towing Pros
  19. Junk Cars & Metals
  20. Max Towing Service
  21. Olmstead Towing
  22. Otto’s Towing Inc Corporate
  23. Quality Towing
  24. Royalty Towing
  25. Snap Towing
  26. Tik’s Quick Towing Company
  27. Tow Guys
  28. Towing Las Vegas
  29. Tow Truck Co
  30. Vegas Towing Service

My Car Was Towed in Las Vegas: Where Is It Now?

In Las Vegas, most towing companies are located outside of the center of the city. Though there are plenty of exceptions, many of the city’s towing companies are located on the northwest side of downtown Las Vegas, towards the City of North Las Vegas. To find out where your specific vehicle is being towed to, you will need some basic information about your car.

To start, you should attempt to get information from the truck driver of the company that took possession of your vehicle. At the very least, you should try to get the name and phone number of the company so that you can call them to find out how to get access to their lot. If your vehicle was towed without your consent, you should consult with the property owner or property manager of the location from which it was removed for additional information on what happened and where your vehicle was moved to.

Law Vegas Towing Information

If you are having any trouble finding your vehicle, or getting the information that you need, you should consult with the Las Vegas Metro Police Department (LVMPD). When taking possession of a car in the City of Las Vegas, private towing companies are required to file a report so that vehicle information gets into an online registry. LVMPD will be able to help you track down the location of your car if it was towed within the Las Vegas city limits.

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