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The holidays are upon us. Soon, people all over America will be settling in with family and friends to enjoy a delicious meal and give thanks for health and happiness. Of course, while this is happening, retailers will be tempting consumers with extraordinary sales, inciting swarms of shoppers to gather outside their doors. And, if this year is like the last few, people will be injured or even killed as a result. Sometimes more vulnerable shoppers slip and fall and find themselves trampled by other shoppers. Others are injured because of the lack of sleep involved in the whole process. Here is a look at 10 of the most insane Black Friday injuries people have suffered in recent years.


  1. Black Friday Shoppers Trample Child–Last year Walmart shoppers in New Boston, Ohio trampled a child. The 11-year-old girl was taken to the hospital where she was treated for her injuries and then released.
  2. All-Night Black Friday Shopping Ends with Car Accident, Deaths, and Manslaughter Charges–A father in San Bruno California was charged with two counts of vehicular manslaughter related to his Black Friday shopping in 2012. Palo Alto Online reports that Arvind Tandel was driving home from an all-night Black Friday shopping trip when he got into a car accident that killed two of his daughters and injured a police officer. He had only slept three hours out of the previous 24. As a result, the state charged Tandel with vehicular manslaughter.
  3. Black Friday Shopping Couple Struck by Suspected Drunk Driver–Western Washington’s news channel King 5 reported in 2012 that a Washington couple was struck by a suspected drunk driver when they were lining up for Black Friday shopping. The couple was just outside the Covington, Washington Walmart when they were hit by the motor vehicle. The man landed on the vehicle’s hood and suffered a head injury. The woman was trapped underneath the car and suffered a serious pelvic injury.
  4. Young Girl Trampled at Walmart–In 2011 a teenage girl was trampled while shopping at Walmart on Thanksgiving (after Black Friday extended into Thanksgiving itself at many retailers). Other shoppers knocked her over repeatedly in a mad rush to purchase cheap electronics. She was injured as a result.
  5. Marine Stabbed at Best Buy–On Black Friday 2010, at a Best Buy in Augusta, Georgia, store employees noticed a man shoving a laptop computer down his pants. Employees approached the man and asked him to return the computer. The man ran away and pulled a knife. A group of four Marines and several volunteers were outside the store participating in a children’s charity drive. One of the Marines stopped the would-be thief, and was stabbed in the process.
  6. A Teenager Stabbed a Man at a Mall Black Friday Event–San Diego’s NBC News station reports that a teenager allegedly stabbed a man in the stomach outside of a mall entrance on Black Friday last year.
  7. Long Black Friday Hours Cause Target Worker to Lose Control of Car–The Miami New Times reported in 2011 that a Target worker in Palm Beach was so tired after working her Black Friday shift that she drove her car into a canal. Police had to rescue her, and she required treatment at a local hospital.
  8. Black Friday Shooting Results in Two Deaths at Toys ‘R’ Us–NBC News reported in 2008 that two men shot each other to death after their female companions engaged in a fist fight at a Toys ‘R’ Us. While the fight was not over a sale, innocent bystanders could have easily been injured in the shootout.
  9. Twenty People, Including Children, Injured in Black Friday Pepper Spray Attack–During Black Friday 2011, 20 Los-Angeles area Walmart shoppers including children were injured when they were pepper-sprayed by another shopper. The woman allegedly used the pepper spray in multiple areas in the store in an effort to obtain massively discounted video game consoles, games, and other toys.
  10. Walmart Worker Killed in 2008 Stampede–The New York Times reported in 2008 that an employee was killed on that year’s Black Friday by a stampeding crowd of customers. Over 2,000 customers lined up outside the store for hours before its 5 a.m. opening. Due to the pressure of the crowd, the store’s glass doors shattered, and the mob flooded into the store. Store employee Jdimytai Damour was caught in the madness, fell to the ground, and was trampled. He was pronounced dead that day at an area hospital.

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