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What is the Penalty for Driving without Insurance in Nevada?

Nevada takes automobile insurance seriously. Uninsured motorists cost the state money and increase the costs of insurance for everyone else. For these reasons, Nevada has been more aggressive than other states in finding out if you have insurance. And the state will punish you if you don’t.

How Does Nevada Track Insurance?

In other states, the police will only know if you lack insurance after stopping you and asking for your registration and proof of insurance. Unsurprisingly, a motorist whose insurance lapsed could evade detection by driving carefully and never getting pulled over.

Nevada has made it much harder for drivers to avoid detection when their coverage lapses or they cancel the coverage. Nevada’s Live Program keeps insurance information on every registered car in the state. The program is constantly updated, so the state knows in real time whether you have insurance or whether you no longer carry it.
Insurance companies are required by law to provide the state with updated insurance information. Once Nevada finds out your coverage has lapsed, they will send you a notice and suspend your registration.

How Are You Punished?

If you continue to drive without insurance and get stopped, then you will face pretty serious penalties. The precise penalty will depend on whether this is your first or a subsequent offense.

For a first offense, you can expect:

  • A $250-1000 fine, depending on how long you have been without insurance
  • A $250 fee get your plates back
  • Your vehicle possibly being impounded
  • Suspension of registration until you pay the reinstatement fee
  • Requirement that you file an SR-22 if it has been more than 90 days since you had insurance

Second offenses carry more serious punishments:

  • A $500-1000 fine, depending on how long you have been without insurance
  • A $500 reinstatement fee to get your plates back
  • Suspended registration until you pay reinstatement fee and file an SR-22

Punishments increase for a third offense:

  • A $500-1000 fine
  • License suspension for 90 days
  • Registration suspension until you pay reinstatement fees and file an SR-2 with the state
  • File an SR-22 for the next 36 months
  • Pay $500 to get your license plates back

As you can see, it will be cheaper and less stressful to simply purchase insurance than to get caught driving without the minimum insurance.

Speak to a Nevada Car Accident Lawyer

Although insurance might sound like an unnecessary expense, you will feel relieved to have it after an accident. It will lift just one more worry off your shoulders while you focus on recovering from the collision.

At Naqvi Injury Law, our attorneys represent motorists injured in car accidents, and we understand how difficult it is to pay your bills and provide for your family after a devastating crash. Whether you are trying to get compensation from your own insurance company or another driver’s, you need an experienced attorney in your corner.

To find out more about how we can help you, please reach out today. We offer a free initial consultation to injured motorists, which you can schedule by calling 702-803-3092.

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