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Nevada Flooding Accidents

Although most people do not associate Nevada with rainstorms, the state does receive a substantial amount of rainfall every year. In some cases, rainstorms are so intense that they result in unexpected flash flooding, which can be especially dangerous for drivers who become trapped in their cars during a sudden flood. In fact, it is even estimated that of the deaths caused by flash flooding, around 50 percent are vehicle-related. Being the victim of a natural disaster can leave victims feeling helpless and unsure of where to turn. The good news is that you don’t have to go through these experiences alone, so if you were involved in a collision on a flooded road, please contact a member of our dedicated Las Vegas car accident legal team for a free consultation.

The Dangers Posed by Wet Roads

Poor weather conditions, including those related to heavy rainfall, can have an extreme impact on road conditions. For example, high levels of precipitation can cause local rivers and lakes to flood, which in turn impacts traffic flow and vehicle operation. Decreased visibility is common during heavy rainfall, as is a reduction in pavement friction. Dividing lines between roads can become blurred, while obstacles deposited by flood waters could cause serious collisions, particularly when the items are not visible beneath the water. Some roads may even become structurally unsound when flooded, especially if a road was poorly designed or was constructed using inferior materials.

Vehicle performance is also reduced during floods, as cars brake and accelerate differently in wet road conditions. Many drivers may find themselves unexpectedly skidding or hydroplaning, which can quickly lead to a loss of control and a serious accident.

Who is Liable?

Unfortunately, despite a driver’s best efforts, he or she can become involved in an accident when stuck in a flood. Many of these accidents can be attributed to the negligence of another driver who failed to use reasonable care and adjust to the conditions. In these cases, injured parties can collect compensation to cover medical expenses, lost wages, property damage, and pain and suffering from the at-fault party. Because Nevada is a comparative negligencestate, even injured parties who contributed to their own accidents can file a claim for damages in court, although the amount will be reduced by their own percentage of responsibility.

When flooding and a subsequent accident can be attributed to poor road planning, an injured plaintiff may even be able to collect compensation from the government body that was responsible for designing and constructing the road. However, it is extremely difficult to file a claim against the government, so if you are considering taking this route, it is critical to first speak with an attorney.

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