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Car Accident Witness Questions—Digging Deeper

Nobody expects to witness a car accident, but motor vehicle crashes can happen almost anywhere, and anyone in the area can become a witness to a serious or even fatal collision. According to the Nevada Department of Transportation, there were 290 fatal crashes in the state in 2017 and a total of 22,285. In total, 309 deaths occurred in traffic crashes in Nevada in 2017, and there were more than 34,000 personal injuries. Nearly 31,000 additional accidents occurred in which no one was injured but people sustained significant property damage. The highest concentration of these crashes happened in and around Las Vegas, emphasizing the likelihood that someone in the city could end up being involved in or bearing witness to a collision.

If you are a car accident witness, what should you expect? Depending upon the person or party you are speaking to, you should anticipate different types of questions. We want to give you a brief overview of common car accident witness questions and the ways in which they vary in different circumstances. Then we will delve deeper into common questions a person will be asked when she or he has witnessed an accident. In each of these scenarios, a Las Vegas car accident attorney can help to prepare you for answering questions.

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Different Parties Who Ask Questions in Car Accident Cases

When you are a witness to a motor vehicle crash in Nevada—whether you are the only witness or one of several witnesses—you should anticipate being questioned by many different parties. And these distinct parties will have different types of questions with varying aims. It is also important to keep in mind that, in many cases, a witness to a car accident also has been involved in the crash. In such scenarios, the witness should always work with a local attorney to ensure that his or her rights are protected throughout the process.

Examples of different parties who will ask witness questions after a car accident include but may not be limited to:

  • Lawyer for one of the parties involved in the accident: If a witness is speaking with the lawyer for one of the parties involved in the crash, the witness is likely to be asked numerous questions that will help the lawyer to prove that his or her client is entitled to financial compensation. In some cases, a lawyer’s questions will also involve the witness’s expertise as a witness, which can be helpful in the event of a trial.
  • Police officer who responds to the scene of the crash: When law enforcement officials respond to the scene of a crash, they are trying to gather information to determine whether anyone is at fault for the accident and whether a citation should be issued (or, in some cases involving intoxicated driving, for example, whether an arrest is necessary).
  • Insurance agent: Insurance companies are trying to pay as little as possible when they investigate claims. As such, an insurance agent will be asking questions that help to get at the fault of their insured and the potential fault of other parties involved in the crash.