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How to Write a Witness Statement for a Car Accident

If you are a car accident witness, you may be required to provide a written statement even if you already have spoken to lawyers, to the police, and to insurance agents. Witness statements can provide important evidence in the event that you or someone else needs to file a personal injury lawsuit in order to seek compensation for injuries in a traffic collision. A plaintiff in a car accident claim typically can ask anyone who witnessed an accident to write a witness statement. If you are asked to write a witness report, you are permitted to—and should—seek advice from a local attorney.

While every witness statement will look different depending upon the witness’s own experience and the facts of the case, witness statements generally have key pieces of information that are necessary for use in court. We will go through some of the major elements that should be in any car accident witness statement.

Witness’s Name and Contact Information

Every witness statement needs to have the witness’s name and contact information. This should include the witness’s full legal name, as well as home address and phone number.

Who, What, When, and Where of the Accident

The witness statement should also include all of the relevant information about the who, what, when, and where of the car accident. In other words, it should list the names of any individuals involved in the accident, details about the vehicles involved in the collision, and when the crash took place. The more specific the witness can be, the more helpful the witness statement typically will be. For example, if the witness can specify that she looked at the clock on her phone just as the accident happened, that specific time can help an accident reconstruction expert to prove fault in the collision.

In addition, the witness statement should be specific about where the accident happened. This may be a particular intersection, a specific marker on a highway, or precise address on a local road in Las Vegas.

Perspective About How the Crash Occurred

The witness statement should give the witness’s subjective perspective of how the accident occurred. This portion of the witness statement may be more narrative in nature as the witness clarifies, in writing, what she or he saw and observed with regard to the accident.

Observations of Injuries and Property Damage

Every witness statement should provide information about injuries and property damage. If the witness observed specific injuries or symptoms, this information should be in the report. Even if the witness did not notice specific injuries but observed that a motorist appeared to be hurt, that information should be included in the statement. Likewise, if the witness observed damage to the front end of a vehicle, it is important for the witness to be as specific as possible.

Other Relevant Information

Addition information may be relevant, such as any inclement weather, road conditions, or other details about the crash that could contribute to a fuller understanding of how the accident occurred.

Witness’s Signature

The witness must sign his or her statement before providing it to attorneys for the motorists involved in the crash, law enforcement officials, and insurance agents.

Contact a Las Vegas Car Accident Attorney

If you have questions about writing a witness statement, or if you need assistance with a car accident claim, you should speak with a top-rated attorney as soon as possible. Contact Naqvi Injury Law today to get started on your case with an experienced Nevada personal injury lawyer.