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Following Too Closely

Whether you are headed to work or are out running errands, it is frustrating to get stuck behind a driver who is moving slowly. Even if they are traveling the speed limit, your rush to get to where you need to go could cause you to follow them a little too closely. Otherwise known as tailgating, be aware that in Nevada it could result in a traffic ticket while increasing the odds of potentially serious car accidents and injuries. While many vehicles feature collision warning systems to help protect drivers against these dangers, it is important to be aware of this often forgotten traffic law when driving on roads in and around Las Vegas.

Penalties for Following Too Closely in Nevada

The Nevada Statutes (NRS 484B.127) advise that following other drivers too closely on roads, highways, and interstates is illegal. Drivers are required to provide an amount of space that is reasonable and prudent, given the rate of speed being traveled and any adverse road, traffic, and weather conditions. There are specific rules in terms of commercial vehicles and those with a length of 80 inches or more, which require you to allow 500 feet between yourself and the other vehicle. In addition to being important for driver safety, not following these rules could jeopardize your license if you are a commercial truck driver.

Following too closely is a leading cause of car accidents and injuries, and the penalties for this in Las Vegas and throughout Nevada can be severe. This may include fines of up to $395 or more, and four demerit points on your license. In addition to your fines, this type of ticket will likely cause your insurance premiums to increase. It could also put your driving privileges in jeopardy. If you get 12 or more demerit points on your license in a year, your driver’s license is subject to automatic suspension.

The Dangers of Following Too Closely

Following too closely, or tailgating as it is often referred to, makes rear-end collisions more likely to occur. According to the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), almost half of all accidents in the United States involve this type of collision. Las Vegas car accident attorneys frequently see these types of wrecks, which often result due to a combination of traffic congestion, numerous traffic signals and pedestrian crosswalks, and large numbers of visitors who are unfamiliar with their environment, which is reflected by frequent stops and turns.

The NTSB reports that collision avoidance systems are being increasingly installed in newer automobiles by car manufacturers as a way of helping to prevent these types of accidents from occurring. These systems issue an alarm or other warning if an imminent crash is detected, and can even take over some of the car functions to avoid a crash if the driver fails to respond.

Keep Your Distance

To avoid getting a ticket or causing a car accident for which you can be held liable, slow down and give other drivers the space they need. Following too closely is a type of aggressive driving behavior that may lead to unnecessary accidents.

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