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Top 10 Forgotten Driving Laws (Written and Unwritten)

As an experienced driver, it may have been years since you took your driving test or even glanced at a driver’s manual. While you may trust your knowledge of traffic safety rules, the truth is that no one can be expected to remember all that was learned in a driving safety course taken years ago. At Naqvi Injury Law, our Las Vegas car accident attorneys urge you to protect yourself against car accidents and injuries by refreshing your memory of often forgotten state driving laws.

Protect Yourself Against Car Accident and Practice Forgotten Nevada Driving Laws

According to the Zero Fatalities Nevada campaign, more than 1,200 people are seriously injured as the result of car accidents on roads throughout our state each year, while these injuries prove fatal for more than 300 others. This is in addition to those hurt or killed as the result of motorcycle, pedestrian, and bicycle accidents each year. Many of these could have been prevented had drivers been following simple traffic safety rules. The following are the top ten forgotten driving laws; some are unwritten, while others come directly from the Nevada Driver’s Handbook:

Written Driving Laws

Unwritten Driving Rules

Bonus: Pay attention!

In the following posts, we will be covering these traffic safety rules in more detail. As a bonus tip, our Las Vegas car accident attorneys have included information about distracted driving, one of the leading causes of motor vehicle injuries that should be entirely preventable.