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Learn How to Drive a Racecar

This blog will discuss the tenth and final tip in our eBook “Tips to Avoid Car Accidents.” So far, we have discussed nine ways in which you can prevent an accident. This final tip will show you why it’s a good idea to drive a racecar.

Driving a racecar may seem like a fun but frivolous expense. It could even sound like a scary proposition, especially if you’re a fairly slow driver. However, the skills you will learn in a high-performance racing school will serve you well on the roadway when you’re not driving a racecar.

A racing school will teach you how to drive a car at its limits. If you’ve ever watched NASCAR, you’ve seen drivers successfully go around sharp turns at speeds of 200 mph or more. This is the kind of skill that will help you should you ever need to avoid an accident.

Defensive Driving Techniques

Driving a racecar isn’t simply about whizzing around a track at high speeds. There are many techniques you will need to learn so you can get to that point. For example, if you need to stop suddenly, brake hard and early. We are used to braking slowly and rarely ever brake with that much force unless we are about to hit something. But by using this tactic, especially when going around a corner, your front tires have more control.

You will also learn how to swerve effectively. Sometimes you don’t have enough time to brake. Therefore, learning how to keep an open space beside you and swerve into it without losing control of the vehicle is an important skill to have.

Sometimes the car will skid on ice or after going around a corner too fast. There are ways to recover without getting into an accident. If your front wheel skids, gently apply the brake. In the event of a rear wheel skid, accelerate slightly and then steer in the direction of the skid to regain traction.

A high-performance driving school will also teach you how to look through your windshield. This may seem pretty obvious, but it’s not. Instead of trying to see everything through the window, focus on the top third. That way, you’re looking at where you want to drive to, and by doing so, you’ll actually get there. Sounds pretty simple, doesn’t it?

How to Avoid Accidents in Las Vegas

Now you have all 10 tips for avoiding car accidents. As a refresher, the 10 tips we discussed are:

  1. Avoid the fast lane.
  2. Keep your eyes scanning the area ahead.
  3. Beware of blind spots.
  4. Drive with your hands in the 9 and 3 o’clock position.
  5. Get racecar driver control of the wheel.
  6. Judge a driver by his/her car’s condition.
  7. Know your car’s limits.
  8. Keep your car in good shape.
  9. The night time is not the right time.
  10. Learn how to drive a racecar.

If an Accident Does Occur

Don’t think you are invincible, however. Car accidents can occur at any time to anyone. Let Naqvi Injury Law help you with your claim. Don’t delay. Call or contact our experienced Las Vegas car accident attorney today.