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15 Secrets to Settling Your Car Accident Injury Claim

The first step on your way to better driving is to avoid the fast lane. The fast lane is the far name given to the far left lane of a highway. Many people like to use this lane because they are in a hurry and think they can get to their destination much quicker, but this is not exactly true. While many drivers in the fast lane are going 10 to 15 mph faster, some are barely going the speed limit. In fact, many motorists do not use the fast lane properly. It is only supposed to be used for passing cars, but many drivers end up traveling in this lane for miles and miles, making them more prone to accidents. Here are some reasons why to avoid the fast lane.

It Has the Most Accidents

Most accidents on the freeway occur in the fast lane. This is likely because motorists in this lane aren’t always driving at the same speed. Even though it should be used as a passing lane, it’s not uncommon for a driver going 75 mph to suddenly have to put on the brakes for someone cutting into the lane and going 20 mph slower.

Another reason is that there are fewer escape routes to avoid accidents. If you are in the middle lane, you have a lane on either side. If you are in the right lane, you have the middle lane and the shoulder. If you are in the fast lane, you can either go into the middle lane or hit a median. In rush hour traffic, you may not have a middle lane available, so many drivers can end up getting into an accident.

You’re More Likely to Get a Speeding Ticket

It’s called the fast lane for a reason. Drivers tend to go faster there, and highway patrol officers have taken notice. Most of the time, police officers understand the need to go a little faster to pass other vehicles in this lane, but after sustained speeds in the fast lane over 10 to 15 mph, you are more likely to get pulled over. Speeding in the fast lane can cause unforeseen accidents and can be very dangerous. You can avoid accidents by going the speed limit and only using the fast lane for passing.

It Causes Road Rage

Many people who use the left lane don’t use it properly. They travel in it for a minute, then they move to the middle lane. Then they move back to the fast lane and after a few moments are in the middle lane once again. They end up cutting off other drivers in the process, causing road rage. It’s fine to move from one lane to another from time to time, especially if you encounter a much slower driver or end up next to a semi-truck. But doing it constantly makes other drivers mad. Be courteous to others.

Avoiding the fast lane is just one helpful hint to remember when driving. Continue reading this series for more tips on how to avoid car accidents. Remember, you can’t control the actions of others on the roadway. If you are involved in a car accident, the Las Vegas lawyers at Naqvi Injury Law can help.