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We tell pedestrians all the time to stay inside marked crosswalks whenever crossing a street in Las Vegas. Even if they think they are safe outside of a crosswalk, they should not venture into the street because they run the risk of being hit by a car they may not see. Unfortunately, even staying inside a crosswalk and obeying traffic signals is not a guarantee that you won’t be injured by a vehicle.

Such was the case this week a few miles southwest of McCarran Airport. About 4pm yesterday afternoon, a woman tried to cross Blue Diamond Road in a marked crosswalk at the intersection with South Dean Martin Drive, just west of the Las Vegas Freeway near Silverton Casino. But a Toyota Avalon drove through the crosswalk and struck the 37-year old woman. She was rushed to University Medical Center with injuries that were categorized as critical.

No citations have been issued as of yet, and Metro Police believe that the Avalon was driving about 45 miles per hour, which is the speed limit for the street. Nevertheless, the driver will likely be held responsible for the auto-pedestrian accident if the Avalon did not have the right of way. In this case, the victim could file a personal injury lawsuit against the driver in the hopes of collecting reimbursement for hospital expenses, damages for pain and suffering, and/or compensation for lost time at work. However, if police discover that the pedestrian had crossed against the light, she would be held responsible for the incident.