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Nevada Rain Accident Lawyer

Many Nevada residents know that annual precipitation varies drastically depending on where you are in the state. According to the Western Regional Climate Center (WRCC) and the Desert Research Institute (DRI), rain-related accidents are not a particularly common problem in the desert areas of the state. However, when car accidents do occur because of rain and slick pavement, they can often result in serious and fatal car crashes. The WRCC clarifies that Nevada has “one of the greatest contrasts in precipitation found within a short distance in the United States.” Much of the area where rainfall does occur also features high winds and other potentially hazardous driving conditions. If another driver’s negligent behavior during inclement weather caused a crash in which you sustained severe or catastrophic injuries, a Nevada rain accident lawyer can assist with your case.

The Deadliest Weather Element

We often assume that snow and ice present the most dangerous conditions for driving, but a study from theAuto Insurance Center shows that rain is actually much more hazardous and responsible for more crashes each year. The USA Today has also corroborated this fact by citing experts in the field who underscore the dangers of driving in the rain. According to James Koermer, an emeritus professor of meteorology at Plymouth State University, “even though winter conditions do generate their share of accidents, wet conditions are generally more common . . . and drivers are often less cautious than they might be with winter conditions.” When speaking to the number of fatalities associated with rain accidents, Sheldon Drobot of the National Center for Atmospheric Research, “rain is always a surprisingly high factor.”

Generally speaking, rain, snow, wind, and fog tend to be the most dangerous weather conditions in which a person in Nevada can drive. In total, these weather events result in about 7,000 fatalities each year in car accidents alone. Even in states where snow is prominent throughout the winter months, rain still results in more crashes.

Filing Your Nevada Rain Accident Personal Injury Claim

Personal injury lawsuits have a statute of limitations, which is the legal time limit for filing a claim. Nevada State law clarifies that most personal injuries resulting from rain accidents have a two-year statute of limitations. This means that, in order to be eligible for financial compensation through a lawsuit, you must file your claim within two years from the date of the accident. If you file your claim after the two-year statute of limitations has “run out,” state law can bar you from moving forward and pursuing compensation.

Seek Advice from a Nevada Rain Accident Lawyer

If you were injured in an accident caused due to the negligence of another driver during unfavorable weather conditions, you may be entitled to compensation under Nevada State law. Secure your rights by speaking with Naqvi Law as your dedicated Nevada rain accident attorneys. We can help you secure the compensation and peace of mind you deserve after a car crash.