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Nevada Hail Accidents Page

Severe weather results in dangerous driving conditions, making car accidents more likely to occur. In Las Vegas and the surrounding Nevada area, hail is a frequent contributing factor. Hailstorms can occur suddenly, pummelling your vehicle and causing property damages and personal injuries. Combined with reckless driving behaviors, such as distracted driving, tailgating, or going too fast for the weather conditions, hail storms and other types of devastating weather conditions can result in catastrophic collisions, injury, or even death.

Hail-Related Driving Dangers

Over the last five years, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has reported 87 instances of hail in the Nevada area. These events were spread out over 14 counties, and, in 10 percent of the cases, involved potentially costly property damages. Hail can present serious safety risks when on the roads, with the following types of impacts:

  • Reduced visibility;
  • Decreased tire traction and vehicle performance;
  • Property damages, such as dents and broken windshields, causing drivers to swerve or make other sudden movements;
  • Infrastructure damages, such as downed power lines and traffic signal devices, which present challenges in road navigation;
  • Traffic tie-ups and congestion, which make crashes and collisions more likely.

In addition to increasing the likelihood of car accidents, hail itself can cause injuries for drivers and their passengers. An August 2017 KRQE News 13 report highlights a recent Las Vegas storm, in which hail the size of tennis balls rained down on motorists. For one unfortunate driver, hail crashed through their car’s back windshield, striking one of the passengers in the head while causing injuries to the others due to broken glass.

Dealing With Damages Due to Hailstorms When Driving

According to Progressive Insurance, if you are driving and get caught up in a hailstorm, your best bet is to pull over safely to the side of the road until it passes. Angle yourself so the hail is hitting the front of your vehicle, as your front windshield has reinforcements not provided for side and back windows. Remain inside your car and crouch down in your seat, with your back towards exposed glass.

If you are unable to pull over, drive slowly, keeping your eyes on the road and your hands on the wheel at all times. If an accident does occur or if you are injured while waiting out the storm, notify state highway patrol or local law enforcement immediately. Be aware that your actions during this time could impact your ability to get compensation for any injuries or property damages you suffer. To protect yourself, do the following:

  • Exchange contact, vehicle, and insurance information with other drivers involved;
  • Get the names and contact information for any witnesses at the scene;
  • Make sure an accident report is filed;
  • Get medical attention for your injuries as soon as possible;
  • Notify your car insurance company.

Reach Out to Naqvi Injury Law for Help

When hail or other dangerous weather conditions result in accidents or injuries, Naqvi Injury Law is here to help. Call or contact our experienced Las Vegas car accident attorneys online to request a free consultation. We provide the professional legal representation you need in these situations to assist you in getting the compensation you are entitled to.