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In order to protect drivers and pedestrians, there are numerous laws and regulations in place to guide safe driving practices. One of these laws helps to determine whether or not your high beam use could be detrimental to other drivers. 

Let’s discuss the legality of high beams in Nevada, when it’s appropriate to use them, the consequences of misuse, and what to do if you find yourself involved in an accident due to the misuse of high beams. 

Is It Illegal to Drive With High Beams On in Nevada?

The short answer is no. It’s not illegal to drive with high beams on in Nevada. However, they are regulated in the state and the laws must be followed when using them. 

Nevada’s Specific Statutes on High Beam Usage

Nevada permits drivers to use high beams unless: 

  • There’s an oncoming vehicle within 500 feet of the driver
  • The driver is behind another vehicle by 300 feet or less

NRS 484D.215 in the State of Nevada proclaims that failing to dim your high beams is a civil infraction that carries a $205 civil penalty and two driver’s license demerit points. 

Comparing With Other States

Nevada is similar to most states in that they have regulations in place to ensure that drivers’ high beam use doesn’t momentarily blind other drivers. 

A majority of states require high beams to be dimmed whenever an oncoming vehicle is within 500 feet or when following within 200 or 300 feet of another vehicle. There are a few states that have additional guidelines, like their use is not allowed in cities or they can’t be used in inclement weather. 

Appropriate Situations for Using High Beams in Nevada

As a general rule, it’s best to only use high beams when you need them and be aware of your state’s laws regarding them. 

Some scenarios that would require you to use high beams would be: 

  • You’re driving on a poorly lit road 
  • You’re driving on a rural road 
  • Your visibility is less than 500 feet ahead of you

Avoid using high beams when: 

  • It’s raining or foggy; high beams actually make it harder to see
  • You’re in a highly populated area, as there are usually other drivers around

Safety Considerations While Using High Beams

It’s essential to use your high beams appropriately, as they can be a danger to other drivers if they’re used recklessly. It’s easy for drivers to become momentarily blinded by high beams that are in close vicinity to them and aren’t dimmed. Being blinded on the road, even for a few seconds, can cause serious accidents. 

Consequences of Illegal High Beam Use in Nevada

If you’re found to be using your high beams illegally, you can face fines and consequences on your driver’s license

Specifically, in the state of Nevada, you can be fined a $205 civil penalty and forced to take 2 demerit points on your driver’s license. 

If an accident is caused by your illegal high beam usage, the consequences can be more severe. 

How Law Enforcement Determines High Beam Misuse

Law enforcement will determine your high beam use by following the laws of your state. In Nevada, if you don’t dim your high beams within the guidelines when a vehicle approaches or you approach a vehicle, law enforcement will consider you to be misusing your high beams. 

To avoid being in trouble with law enforcement because of your high beams,  it’s essential to be careful with their use. Always follow your state guidelines, as well as common courtesy, to avoid blinding other drivers. 

Best Practices for High Beam Usage in Nevada

When you’re in Nevada, keep these best practices in mind when using your high beams: 

  • Only use high beams when necessary
  • Switch to low beams when approaching or being approached by another vehicle
  • Regularly check your headlight alignment
  • Be aware of other road users like pedestrians and cyclists

How This Relates to Personal Injury Claims

The worst consequence that can occur when using your high beams incorrectly is causing or being involved in an accident, either with another vehicle or a pedestrian. This can be the basis of personal injury cases in a number of situations. 

If it’s the case that your illegal use of high beams did cause an accident, you can be held legally liable for the damages. 

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