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Stay Calm and Move Out of the Street

Being hit by a car is an unimaginable experience for most people. Indeed, the idea of being struck by a vehicle while walking or biking is absolutely terrifying. In fact, even the thought of being hit while in another vehicle is nerve-racking!

Knowing what to do after being hit by a car in Las Vegas can go a long way in helping to remain focused and take the necessary steps to maximize your compensation amount. One of the most important things that you can do is to stay calm and move out of the street.

Stay Calm

Staying calm when you are hit by a vehicle is certainly easier said than done. Indeed, staying calm may feel impossible when hit by a car. One thing that may help you is to remember that by staying calm, you’re doing everything you can to remain safe – panicking may only put you in greater danger, especially if you are still in the road. To help yourself stay calm, take deep breaths. Try to make the inhale breath a second or two shorter than the exhale breath, which will actually have a stress-combatting effect on your body, helping you to beat the feeling of anxiety and panic you are likely experiencing For example, breathe in for five counts, and then breathe out for seven. You can also hold your breath for a few seconds in between breathing in and out. This will slow your heart rate and help you to feel more in control.

Get Out of the Road and Into a Safe Location

Staying in the road after you are hit is one of the most dangerous things that you can do after being hit; the longer you are in the road, the greater your chances are of being a victim of a crash a second time. If you are physically able to walk, move to a safe location off of the road immediately.

If you are not physically able to move, signal for help and try to make yourself visible. For example, you may consider removing your jacket and using it to gain drivers’ attention by waving it above your head. This will help to ensure that driver’s see you and that you are not hit a second time.

After You Are off the Road

Once you are off of the street and in a safe location, take a couple more breaths (as discussed above) to calm yourself and prepare for the next set of steps that you need to take, beginning with focusing on making sure that the driver who hit you stays at the scene (or that you get as much information from them as possible before they flee, at the very least).

If you have a pen and paper or cell phone available, make notes about the driver’s vehicle, including license plate number, and any detail about the vehicle and driver you can recall. These details could come in handy if the driver flees the scene before you are able to exchange information or police arrive.