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Okay, Henderson, time to exhale a little bit. You’re out from under the microscope – for now.

We’ve made mention before about how area law enforcement officers were cracking down on Henderson because of a history of dangerous driving and auto accidents. (We then pointed out that this happened in Las Vegas and the rest of the valley as well.) This increase in enforcement lasted for three weeks before finally coming to an end on Friday, April 19. During this time, officers targeted specific certain intersections looking for lawbreakers and hazardous drivers.

And the results are in. At just the intersections that were being monitored, police wrote a total of 520 tickets for running red lights. That’s more than one per hour, day and night, throughout the entire enforcement period. In addition, authorities cited another 132 people who were using mobile phones while driving. Numerous other tickets for driving without proper insurance, vehicle registration, or a valid license were also issued.

The Nevada Department of Public Safety’s Office of Traffic Safety spurred the enforcement initiative with funds from a Joining Forces Grant. This brought in Metro, Mesquite, and Boulder City police officers as well as Nevada Highway Patrol troopers to assist Henderson Police in the crackdown.

So again, we deliver a friendly message to the people who drive in Henderson: please slow down, obey traffic signals, and focus on your driving. Otherwise, auto accidents will continue to occur – and Johnny Law will be back with his extra-watchful eye on your roadways and intersections. Nobody wants to go through that again, do we?