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Way to go, Henderson.


In March, you were informed through the media (and on this blog, by the way) that law enforcement personnel were going to be keeping a close eye on certain intersections in your city. The idea was to nab motorists for offenses like speeding, running red lights, cell phone use while driving, and other behaviors which could lead to auto accidents. The initiative was slated to run for three weeks – so all you folks in Henderson had to do was play it cool for awhile, and when police saw you behaving and following the rules, they would move on and focus their energies on another aspect of law enforcement.


But, good people of Henderson – did you straighten up and fly right? Nooooooooooooo!


Instead, you kept Henderson Police very busy. So busy that they issued about 230 violations for using a cell phone while driving, and almost 400 tickets for running red lights. That means that HPD was busting someone every 48 minutes on average… just for these two crimes at these specific intersections. 


So Henderson, you know what’s gonna happen next, right?


You got it. HPD has announced that it is extending its enforcement initiative into April. As of Monday, plainclothes officers have been stationed at various intersections in Henderson looking for red light runners, speeders, aggressive drivers, unsafe lane changers, tailgaters, and distracted drivers. And there’s no word on exactly how long these officers will be there.


See what happens when you act up? Please toe the line, Henderson – or the cops will be watching you til Christmas.