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This blog has detailed numerous accounts of wrong-way collisions that have resulted in fatal and tragic consequences. Though these types of crashes can happen almost anywhere in the valley, they tend to be the most lethal on highways and interstates where speeds are higher. Despite all of the signage and security barriers that are installed, wrong-way accidents still occasionally occur in and around Las Vegas – and deaths of drivers and passengers are common.

Which is why a head-on collision that happened last night is slightly unusual. Right after 11:30pm Monday night, a pickup truck and a car collided head-on in the northwest valley on U.S. 95 near Durango Drive, about a mile southwest of Tule Springs. One of the vehicles was traveling southbound and somehow crossed into the northbound lanes, which caused the wrong-way crash. The remarkable thing about this crash is that neither driver was killed; both had to be transported to a nearby hospital, but their injuries were not believed to be life-threatening.

The news story does not indicate which driver crossed into oncoming traffic, but police say that drugs or alcohol appear to have been a factor in the wreck. It appears that the driver who was traveling in the correct direction has solid grounds for a personal injury lawsuit against the person who was driving the wrong way. This type of legal action can reimburse the plaintiff for ambulance charges, hospitalization expenses, medications, and physical therapy costs; as well as compensate the victim for any lost wages at work due to absenteeism from the wrong-way crash.