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When you’re driving on the interstate, you need to be aware of all of the activity going on around you. You must watch out for other drivers changing lanes. You need to be aware of merging traffic. You have to be alert for sudden slowdowns caused by construction or accidents. And you have to know where you are going so you can know when to exit.

One thing you are probably not focusing on is avoiding a wrong-way collision – because you aren’t expecting oncoming traffic on the interstate.

Unfortunately, a 37-year old man was hospitalized because someone was driving the wrong way on Interstate 15 near Mesquite in Clark County near the Nevada border. On Saturday afternoon about 3:30pm, the man was driving his gray Infiniti when he was struck head-on by a black Lexus traveling north in the southbound lanes around mile marker 117. The 85-year old male driver of the Lexus was killed, and the Infiniti’s driver was airlifted to University Medical Center with critical injuries.

The accident remains under investigation. There is no word on how the Lexus came to be traveling the wrong way on Interstate 15.

A wrong-way collision on an interstate is especially dangerous not only because the accident victims traveling in the correct direction are not expecting it, but also because of the speeds involved with interstate highway travel. Even high-priced vehicles like those made by Lexus and Infiniti (which generally have better safety features than vehicles at lower price points) are still unable to prevent serious injuries from occurring in a wrong-way collision on an interstate.

If you have been injured in a wrong-way collision in Clark County, contact a qualified car accident attorney to see about receiving appropriate compensation through a personal injury lawsuit.