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Watch for Costumed Characters – But Don’t Cause a Wreck

If you’ve been driving around the Fremont Street Experience during the past several weeks, you may have noticed something a wee bit out of the ordinary. (Well, maybe not for Vegas, but still). That’s because dozens of costumed "characters" have been appearing in that area, entertaining tourists and posing for photos (for tips, of course).

Many of these street entertainers arrived after being unceremoniously booted out of Hollywood after police started ticketing them for not having a license near Grauman’s Chinese Theatre. (Only in L.A. would they cite you for wearing a costume without a license. Halloween must be a government windfall in the City of Angels.)

There was also some grumbling about costumed individuals adding to the crowding and mayhem on the Strip a little while back. But once politicians got it through their head that the Strip is always packed with people (dressed up weirdly or not), the enforcement against the costumed folks slacked off.

Even so, it seems like the area around Fremont Street and Sixth Streets is starting to become a common place to spot people clad in showgirl, superhero, and other colorful garb. But given the focus of our blog, we feel duty-bound to caution drivers against rubbernecking too much in this area lest they cause an auto accident, injure someone else, and be slapped with a personal injury lawsuit.

Because if that scenario were to play out, even Superman wouldn’t be able to save them. (But he might pose for a photo for a small gratuity!)