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Victims of DUI Rear-End Crash in Henderson Released from Hospital

There are some measures you can take to avoid being victimized by a drunk driver. Like not driving late at night or in the early morning (especially right after the bars close). Or watching out for vehicles that are constantly weaving or changing speeds.

But sometimes, you can take every precaution to avoid impaired drivers and still wind up as victims of a DUI accident. And that’s why drunk drivers are so dangerous.

It’s been almost a month since four people were seriously injured in Henderson when a 2002 Lincoln LS rear-ended the vehicle they were sitting in. On Tuesday, November 8 at around 8:45am, two adults and two children were in a 2001 Ford Focus that was stopped at a light on U.S. 93 in front of the Railroad Pass hotel and casino in Henderson. A  28-year old female driving the Lincoln slammed into the back of the Focus at an estimated 35 to 40 miles per hour. The Focus went airborne, rotated a half-turn, and wound up in the center median. Three of the four victims had to be extricated from the car using the Jaws of Life. The 28-year old Lincoln driver was eventually arrested on DUI charges.

In recent days, all four accident victims have been released from the hospital. But since their hospital stays are measured in weeks instead of days or hours, they have undoubtedly racked up medical bills in the tens (or perhaps even hundreds) of thousands of dollars. Fortunately, the law allows them to recoup these expenses (as well as additional damages) through personal injury lawsuits filed against the 28-year old DUI suspect.