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Undoubtedly, you’ve heard about the multi-vehicle accident last Friday afternoon that sent Nevada Senator Harry Reid to the hospital with contused ribs and a bruised hip. Since then, investigators have been trying to figure out what caused the crash. This week, they released their findings.

It turns out that the drivers of the two motorcade vehicles which were following the SUV that Reid was riding in will be shouldered with the blame for the six-vehicle pileup. According to authorities, a man driving a federally-registered vehicle was following Reid’s SUV too closely, and when the motorcade stopped in slowing traffic on I-15, the man swerved right and struck a civilian vehicle. Behind the swerving vehicle was a pickup truck being driven by a Metro Policeman as part of the motorcade. The pickup clipped the left bumper of the federal vehicle and then struck Reid’s SUV. The SUV started spinning, slammed into the motorcade vehicle ahead of it, and then was struck by a tractor-trailer. The driver of the federal vehicle received a citation for making an unsafe lane change, while the Metro Police officer driving the pickup was cited for following too closely.

Reid and some other members of the motorcade received minor injuries. It is unclear whether the male driver of the civilian vehicle was injured; but if he was, he would have solid grounds to file a personal injury lawsuit. That suit could conceivably name the driver of the federal vehicle, the U.S. government, and even Reid himself as defendants.