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There’s a stereotype that is often used to describe people who are "old." It’s a depiction of the person standing in his front yard, shaking his fist and screaming at kids to "Get off my lawn!" Well, this past weekend in North Las Vegas, there was a similar scene which took place – except the adult had a very good reason for being angry. 

On Sunday morning at about 9:45am, a man in his 50s was working in the front yard of his home on Leaning Rock Court, which is near the intersection of Centennial Parkway and Camino Eldorado that sits on the southern edge of Seastrand Community Park. A 17-year old (who does not have a valid driver’s license) was driving a car on the street when the vehicle suddenly traveled into the man’s yard and struck him. The victim suffered serious injuries in the auto-pedestrian accident and was rushed to University Medical Center. North Las Vegas police said the teenager will most likely be cited for driving without a license as well as losing control of the vehicle.

In addition to those citations, the teen could become the focus of a personal injury lawsuit filed by the injured man. Because the driver is a minor, the lawsuit would name the parents as defendants. If the suit goes to trial, a jury could award the man damages for pain and suffering, as well as reimbursement for his medical expenses and compensation for any lost wages due to missed time at work.