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Imagine that you and your spouse are home one evening getting ready for dinner. Suddenly, you hear a loud noise from behind your house. When you look out of your window, you see a large moving truck sitting in your backyard.

That’s exactly what happened to a Las Vegas man on the day after Christmas about 5:45pm. A woman who was driving a U-Haul truck in far east Las Vegas lost control of the vehicle at the intersection of South Nellis Boulevard and East Desert Inn Road. The moving truck slammed into an RTC bus before crashing through a brick wall and into the man’s backyard.

About five people on the bus were hurt, mostly from flying glass. Thankfully, no one was in the man’s backyard at the time of the incident.

Though authorities are still trying to determine the exact cause of the U-Haul accident, they have ruled out alcohol as a factor. Nevertheless, the driver of the moving truck could be held responsible for medical expenses related to the injuries of those bus passengers who were hurt (as well as the property damage done to the man’s wall and backyard).

This incident illustrates the potential dangers of self-service moving trucks. Not only are the vehicles themselves large and bulky, but they are also quite often being driven by individuals who have little or no experience in operating vehicles of that size. So it’s easy to see how a lack of moving truck expertise and the hefty weight of the vehicle can create a recipe for a U-Haul accident.

If you have to drive a moving truck for any reason, pay extra attention to aspects of your driving that you would otherwise take for granted. And if you are driving or walking near a moving truck, give its driver a bit more space and consideration – because he or she may not feel all that comfortable behind the wheel.