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A mischievous palm tree caused a single-vehicle accident in Las Vegas this weekend.

According to reports, the tall palm, which had been transported from points west to the middle of Charleston Boulevard and had been standing there in the median near Cahlan Drive without causing trouble for an undetermined period of time, apparently decided yesterday morning that it would wander out into the roadway around 9:15am.

As luck would have it, a perfectly innocent 23-year old woman was driving a 2007 Kia Rio on Charleston (just minding her own business) at that very moment. She tried to swerve multiple times to avoid striking the lofty decorative flora, but the dastardly tree wouldn’t get out of the #$%#@$%&! way. As a result, the vehicle slammed into the palm and rolled over, causing injuries to the driver as well as to a 20-year old male passenger. The tree then cackled mightily and wiggled its fronds in a decidedly taunting manner before returning to its original spot on the median and pretending that it had never moved (though it could still be heard snickering softly until first responders arrived).

Alas, since palm trees do not have standing in Clark County courtrooms, the driver has no legal recourse against it. However, the man who was hurt can file a personal injury lawsuit against the woman, since she was responsible for his safety as the Rio’s driver.

This is the first walking palm tree accident reported in 2013 in Las Vegas. Last week, a lightpole darted into busy traffic in North Las Vegas and struck a pickup truck.

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