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Toddler Critically Injured in Accident Involving Stop Sign Runner

As a driver in Clark County, it’s a challenge to try to foresee or anticipate everything that can possibly happen to cause a motor vehicle accident. Cautious drivers watch out for speeders, non-signaling lane changers, and sudden brakers. But sometimes, accidents occur despite the best efforts of the victims – and the results can be disastrous.
A two-year old boy was critically injured last week in a crash involving a stop sign runner in the northeast valley. On Thursday evening about 7pm, a 2003 Honda Accord was traveling south on Mount Hood Street a few miles south of Nellis Air Force Base. The driver, 31-year old Michelle Hernandez, tried to make a left turn onto Owens Avenue. But a 2005 BMW 330cl, driven by a 25-year old man, ran a stop sign and plowed into the side of the Honda. Hernandez sustained serious injuries, while a 14-year old girl in the car suffered minor injuries. But the toddler passenger was rushed to University Medical Center in critical condition.
Though the accident is still under investigation, it appears that the male driver of the BMW (who was also hurt in the wreck) is at fault in this incident because he broke the law by running a stop sign. Given that conclusion, he would quite likely be held responsible in any subsequent personal injury lawsuit filed by Hernandez. If the children were not related to Hernandez (the article doesn’t specify whether she was their mother), then their parents could also file suit against the 25-year old man as well – and would have an excellent chance of winning a settlement or a court verdict that would award them compensation for their kids’ injuries.