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Tips on How to Maximize Compensation in Your Personal Injury Case

You’ve been involved a car accident in Las Vegas or somewhere in Clark County like Henderson or North Las Vegas and suffered an injury. You know it was the other driver’s fault and believe you have a legitimate personal injury claim. The medical bills are stacking up, you haven’t been able to work for weeks, and the trauma associated with the wreck is causing a lot of problems in your personal life. You want, and deserve, maximum compensation for your personal injury case. Here are some important tips that will help get you that compensation…

  • Hire an experienced lawyer who has a track record of success with car accident injury cases
    • This is probably the most important decision you’ll make when pursuing compensation in a personal injury lawsuit. There are plenty of Nevada attorneys out there who will promise you the moon if you’ll hire them. However, take your time and thoroughly research the track record of a lawyer before you hire them to handle your case. You should look for a Nevada injury lawyer who has already successfully handled many other cases just like yours. Also, make sure your lawyer is actually willing to go all the way and litigate your case if the insurance company gives an offer that is too low. Some firms do not litigate any cases, and simply operate as a “mill”, settling cases for pennies on the dollar. Stay away from these firms.  Lastly, you should make sure the lawyer you choose is accessible to you and doesn’t leave all the work to a legal assistant or paralegal.
  • Take photos of your car
    • A picture illustrating the extensive damage done to your car can be a huge help in advancing your case, either with the insurance adjuster or with a jury. The visual impact of actually seeing the results of a car wreck can allow the jury/adjuster to imagine being in your shoes and the injuries you sustained from this wreck.
  • Get witness information and an official accident report
    • If police were called to the scene of the accident, there’s a good chance you can get a copy of their accident report. This may contain very important information about the wreck and could have a list of names we could call as potential witnesses. You should also speak with friends and family members to see if they are willing to testify about how your quality of life has decreased and how you struggle with routine tasks since the accident.
  • Follow your doctor’s advice
    • Do what your doctor tells you. Do not deviate from the rehabilitation they recommend. Why? Because any deviation could be used against you by the insurance defense attorney. They could argue that ignoring the doctor’s recommendation made the injury worse and you were at-fault for the aggravation of the injury. In my experience, these attorneys will try to use anything and everything to reduce or deny your claim
  • Get the medical treatment you need since this is your one shot to get better
    • Make sure you get the treatment necessary to restore you to full health (if possible). Sadly, this may not be possible if you suffered a very serious injury like paralysis, a severed limb, or a traumatic brain injury. Nevertheless, get as much treatment that you can to help regain some semblance of your life prior to the accident.
  • If you have missed time from work, make sure your doctor approves the absence
    • All too often, injury victims are forced to miss time from work due to their injuries.  This can result in significant lost wages.  To get compensated for this wage loss, insurance companies generally require an excused absence note from your doctor, stating you physically are not able to work due to your injuries.

Will these tips guarantee you receive a huge settlement or jury verdict? Unfortunately, there are no guarantees in the world of personal injury law, but these tips will definitely strengthen your personal injury case and improve your chances of receiving maximum compensation.