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Three Ways To Dramatically Strengthen Your Personal Injury Case

It’s quite common to be confused and disoriented after a car wreck, especially if you suffered an injury like a broken neck, shattered pelvis, cuts, bruises, etc. Your mind is focused on making sure you, and anyone in the car with you, is okay along with the condition of the at-fault driver. But it is in these moments where you can drastically strengthen your future personal injury claim. Here’s how:

1.    Take notes

Writing down the date, time of day, location of the car crash (like I-95, I-215, or some other road in and around Las Vegas), weather conditions, road conditions, and what led to the accident are extremely important in determining liability. Of course, this applies only if you are capable of taking notes (some people are unconscious after an accident or injured their arms). If you get knocked out due to the accident and regain consciousness at the hospital, call a friend or family member and tell them exactly what happened while it is still fresh in your mind. If police are called to the scene, they will write an accident report, but having your own set of records could prove invaluable when dealing with the insurance claims adjuster, especially if there are any disparities with your account of the accident and the at-fault driver.

2.    Get the names of any witnesses

Get the names of people who were on the sidewalk (if applicable to the scene of your accident) and any drivers who stopped to help after the accident occurred. If necessary, we can call on these people to be eye witnesses to help determine who was at fault for the car wreck.

3.    Keep a journal and any documentation related to the accident/injury

As you recuperate from your injury, keep a journal of any conversations you have with doctors, police, insurance claims adjusters, witnesses, and the other driver. A written account of these conversations will only strengthen your personal injury claim, especially if the other driver suddenly changes their story and tries to deny liability (this happens quite often). You should also keep all documentation related to the car crash including medical records, insurance forms, and any e-mails or correspondence you have about the accident.

If you follow these three strategies after your car accident, there’s a greater chance you’ll receive a sizable recovery for your personal injury claim to help cover medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and any punitive damages that may apply. I can’t guarantee anything, but the more information, the better.