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You’ve been in a fender bender in Pahrump, or a head-on collision in North Las Vegas, or a rollover accident in Henderson. You’re trying to recover from your injuries, arrange for alternate transportation, and perhaps even work through your fear of driving again.

Then a few days after your accident, you get a telephone call from an insurance adjuster.

Unfortunately, this is part of the process of getting the compensation you deserve. But if you handle the conversation with the adjuster poorly, it could have a negative effect your claim. So here are a few suggestions.

Refuse to be recorded on tape. The insurance adjuster will ask you for your permission to make an audio recording of your phone interview. Do not give it. Tell them to get the necessary details from the police report. Putting your comments on tape gives the insurance company an opportunity to use your words against you later.

Provide only the necessary information. Give the adjuster your name and address – and make sure you get the same from them (as well as their phone number and company name). Say when and where the accident took place and give a general description of how you were injured. If the adjuster asks for more details about your injuries, say that the medical report will be sent to them as soon as your health has been fully assessed by a physician.

Do NOT agree to anything! Make sure that your attorney reviews your case first. If the adjuster sends you some paperwork to sign a few days after your phone conversation, do not sign it until you show the documents to your lawyer.

If you’re nervous about a phone conversation with an insurance adjuster, ask your personal injury lawyer for advice and guidance on what to say.