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It’s all about speed, tricked-out cars, auto accidents, and wild driving. But enough about the Las Vegas freeways. (rimshot).

The Mint 400 is back in Vegas, and it got underway today with the first-ever parade of dozens of off-road vehicles on the Strip, followed by a kickoff party at Mandalay Palace’s Hussong’s Cantina. Tomorrow, the focus moves to Fremont Street, where fans can get a close look at the competing vehicles as they get inspected by race officials (the cars, not the fans).

Tomorrow night, the Miss Mint 400 beauty pageant takes place at the Golden Nugget’s Gold Diggers, and downtown hosts the KMC Wheels Pit Crew Party. Dirt Theater and El Cortez Founders Room will be the venues for Friday’s events; and Saturday is race day beginning at 6am off I-15’s Jean exit in the dry lakebeds – followed by an after-party at Hogs & Heifers.

Why might you care about all this if you’re not an off-road racing fan? Because traffic will be heavier than usual around these locations, as well as on I-15 heading south out of Las Vegas early Saturday and northbound Interstate traffic on Saturday afternoon and evening. And you can bet that law enforcement agencies will have their eyes peeled for impaired drivers, so keep that in mind if you do decide to partake in any of the Mint 400 events.

The same caution should be taken around the Strip and other bar/resort areas, which will likely be hosting March Madness parties starting tomorrow and running through Sunday. (The parties themselves won’t be continuous – we don’t think.)

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