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Teen Driver Killed, Passenger Injured in Weekend Crash in Las Vegas

Many thoroughfares and sidestreets in Las Vegas have center lanes that are designated for left-turning vehicles. These lanes are designed to permit vehicles to exit the flow of traffic while waiting to turn left, which keeps the regular lanes clear for other vehicles. However, these center lanes are not to be used for passing; in fact, this type of maneuver is illegal as well as dangerous.

Sadly, a car tried to do just that this weekend – and a teenager is dead as a result. On Saturday night around 10:45pm, a 1994 Honda Civic carrying two 16-year old boys was traveling south on Jones Boulevard about a quarter mile prior to U.S. 95. Authorities say that the Civic tried to pass a vehicle in front of it by swerving left into the left-turn lane. When the Civic tried to re-enter the southbound lanes of Jones, it clipped the other vehicle and spun out of control. The Civic then struck a chain link fence and slammed into a concrete wall. Both occupants were rushed to University Medical Center; the passenger survived with serious injuries, but the driver died at the hospital.

From the information given, it appears that the other vehicle was not to blame for the auto accident, meaning that the Civic’s driver will be held responsible. So if they choose to do so, the parents of the injured teen could file a wrongful death lawsuit against the parents of the driver – even though the driver lost his life in the crash.