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For most people in and around Las Vegas, the holiday season is about joy, love, and appreciation for family and friends. For some Nevadans who have lost loved ones, it is a time to reflect on their memories and recall their time spent on this earth. But this time of year should never be a time for grieving the loss of someone who died during the holidays.

Sadly, that’s what one family will be doing in the final month of 2012 after a woman lost her life in a motorcycle accident in Henderson this week. Shortly after 6:45pm Tuesday evening, a 19-year old woman was riding a 2011 Yamaha V-star southbound on Green Valley Parkway. At the intersection with Sunset Road, a northbound 2003 Chrysler PT Cruiser tried to turn left onto Sunset. But it turned directly into the path of the bike, which collided with the car. The teen was transported to a nearby hospital, but died shortly thereafter.

Henderson Police have not yet determined who was at fault in the motorcycle accident, though they have ruled out alcohol as a factor. But unless the woman ran a red light, she would have had the right of way – even if the car had a solid green light, which still would have forced the 64-year old male driver to yield to oncoming traffic. If this is the case, the man would be held responsible and would be subject to being named in a wrongful death lawsuit filed by the teen’s surviving family members.