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You may have noticed the crowd of picketers at the convention center just off the Strip in Las Vegas today. The group was made up of cabdrivers who are protesting their contract with Yellow Checker Star Transportation, the city’s second-biggest cab company.

Company management and members of the Industrial Technical Professional Employees Union, which represents more than 77 percent of Yellow Checker’s cabbies, have reached an impasse in negotiations as of last week. Yellow Checker then unilaterally imposed new terms as of this past Sunday – and now, the cabdrivers are threatening to strike.

Perhaps not surprisingly, Yellow Checker is actively recruiting new cabdrivers in print and online ads released this week. The ads trumpet an "average estimated pay" amount of $38,000 annually, and even go on to say, "No experience? No problem!" Union members say this push is an effort to alleviate personnel shortages should unionized cabdrivers declare a walkout in the near future. 

But if Yellow Checker does hire new cabdrivers and a union strike does take place, it could create an unusual situation on Las Vegas streets. It’s possible that a large portion of the Yellow Checker cabdrivers will be inexperienced, which could increase the odds of taxicab accidents in the city. Therefore, if this scenario plays out, it would be important for pedestrians and passenger vehicle drivers to exercise additional caution when moving around Las Vegas.

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