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One of the big advantages of our part of the country is that it’s warm enough to enjoy swimming pools almost year round. That means more weeks of splashing, diving, and other aquatic fun for your family.

swimming pool, accident, injury, injuries, drowning, Las VegasOn the other hand, the fact that swimming pools are in use so much increases the risk of swimming pool accidents. Some accidents are quite minor – like swallowing a large quantity of water or scraping your toe on the pool bottom. But others can result in more devastating and long-lasting consequences.

The accident that gets the most attention (and rightfully so) is drowning. The most common scenario is a young child who swims without adequate supervision or who wanders into an unattended pool. Even if the victim manages to be resuscitated and avoid death, underwater submersion for even a few minutes can lead to future memory problems or learning disabilities, significant brain damage, or even an indefinite comatose or vegetative state.

But there are other ways that injuries can occur in and around swimming pools. Slip and fall accidents are frequent because the surface around the pool is usually wet and slick. The pool’s chemicals can cause burning eyes and skin rashes if applied too liberally to the water, or people can inhale toxic fumes if they mishandle the chemicals themselves.

One of the most tragic types results from both children and adults who unintentionally dive into shallow water. Minor injuries include strained arm or shoulder muscles or broken bones; but if the victim strikes his or her head on the pool bottom, he or she could suffer a traumatic brain injury, become paralyzed, lapse into a coma, or even die.

The owner of the pool, whether it’s a homeowner or a public facility, is responsible for the safety of those who use it. If you have suffered a swimming pool accident that you feel was caused by the recklessness or negligence of someone else, you should contact a qualified personal injury attorney.