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It’s that time again in Las Vegas: New Year’s Eve.

Given that New Year’s Day falls on a Tuesday in 2013, there will likely even be more days of merriment and partying for the upcoming New Year’s celebrations. That’s because many revelers will celebrate on Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday nights.

As always, all of the casinos and clubs will be hosting some type of soiree to bring in the New Year. That means police will block off the Strip to vehicular traffic from Monday evening until early Tuesday morning. So if you have to drive to the Strip or a place near it, be sure to be aware of street closures and pedestrians.

Also, law enforcement agencies will be out on the roads looking for impaired drivers. So if you are not staying at a hotel overnight, be sure to either walk, hail a cab, or take public transportation to and from your destinations. Or tap a designated driver who will not consume any alcohol during the evening.

Finally, an extra word of caution to people who will be attending parties at rooftop bars or high-rise casino resorts. If you do partake of alcohol, be sure to obey all signs prohibiting you from walking into (or onto) places where you are not permitted. In each of the past two years, a man from California has fallen to his death from a great height in the early morning hours of New Year’s Day.

Have a safe and Happy New Year celebration!