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Most motorcycle riders are well aware of the dangers that come with operating their bikes in Las Vegas. However, a case could be made that those individuals who choose to ride sport bikes (also known as "crotch rockets") may not be as safety-conscious as their brethren who ride other types of motorcycles.

To bolster this argument, all you have to do is look at the some recent statistics compiled by Metro Police over a three-year span ending in 2011. Of all of the fatal motorcycle accidents recorded by Metro Police, 64% involved sport bikes. In those fatal crashes where the motorcyclist was at fault, the percentage of sport bikes rises to 78%.

Authorities believe that the blazing speed associated with sport bikes, some of which can exceed 200 miles per hour, is a major reason why they are disproportionately involved in fatal motorcycle crashes. This viewpoint appears to be supported by the facts surrounding an incident which took place Monday night in Las Vegas.

Shortly after 7:30pm, a Honda CBR sport bike was traveling east on Ann Road at a high rate of speed. When it reached the intersection with Rio Vista Street about a quarter mile prior to Veterans Memorial Highway, the bike slammed into a pickup truck which was making a left turn onto northbound Rio Vista. The two men on the motorcycle were ejected onto the roadway, and the driver died from his injuries while his passenger was seriously injured.

Even though the motorcycle’s driver died, his estate could still be named as a defendant in a personal injury lawsuit filed by the passenger.